Est-ce qu'une housse de protection est nécessaire pour l'entreposage de mon VR?

Is a protective cover necessary for storing my RV?

Is a protective cover necessary for storing my RV? That is the question. At this time of year, we are asked more than once if winterizing your RV is a good idea.

Many RV protective covers are currently on the market. The best of them allow moisture to evaporate and are water repellent. Some even have zippers that allow you to enter the vehicle without having to remove the protective canvas. Others are custom made. It is important to choose the right product to protect your RV, especially if your RV is stored outside in the harsh climates of Quebec. Dressing up your RV during the winter has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few…


Without a doubt, a quality drop cloth will protect your vehicle from the outdoor elements. In areas where it snows, it prevents water from melting accumulated snow from entering the RV through the seals. Leaves, pine needles, branches and the like won't make their way inside your RV. A good canvas will also offer you protection against UV rays. In the spring, your vehicle should, in principle, be as clean as the day you covered it with your winter cover.


On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to set up a protective canvas. Indeed, you have to climb everywhere on the RV, including the roof. In addition, mold sometimes forms under the canvases when they are not made with a material that allows them to breathe well due to condensation due to melting snow.

Here are some suggestions for those who want to equip their RV with a winter cover. First, make sure your vehicle, including awnings, is clean and dry. Next, be sure that the winter cover fits snugly (Adjustment Straps), is securely fastened, and will not be damaged by sharp corners such as solar panels, brackets, etc. Lay all the antennas on the roof. To properly protect your cover, gutter protectors will be provided with a quality cover or you can make an "X" in a tennis ball and plant it at the end of the gutter.


To conclude, we recommend winter covers, provided that it is of quality, that it can breathe (Expel humidity), protects against UV rays, is Water repellent and that it is well installed and adjusted to have a cover that will not be pierced after the first season.

Do you now want to protect your RV with a winter cover?

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