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Self-locking stainless steel pliers. - 55015

Self-locking stainless steel pliers. - 55015


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Any grilling enthusiast will tell you that the most important tool in their arsenal is a good pair of tongs. And Napoleon's stainless steel tongs are the best for the job. The perfect length, these clips are neither too short nor too long. Rubberized inserts in the handle keep the pliers cool and give it a better grip when in use. The 16 inch long stainless steel body offers better balance and ease of use for both delicate and very strong hands. These stainless steel tongs have a sensitive spring mechanism that allows them to be incredibly maneuverable. You can grab a single pea with these tongs or flip something larger than a two pound steak. The lobed outline of the tongs grips food well without piercing it and losing its juices. Lock these clips and easily store them in a drawer, or hang them using the convenient loop.

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