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Anti-theft lock AMPLOCK® BRP-2516 RV/Trailers

Anti-theft lock AMPLOCK® BRP-2516 RV/Trailers


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The AMPLOCK BRP2 trailer and RV lock fits the specific 2 inch coupler

The materials used by AMPLOCK® provide good rust resistance for use in all climates. This Quebec product offers you protection highly recommended by insurance companies.

Padlock specifications :

  • Padlock Grade: Commercial
  • Key Type: REAL AMPLock Controlled Key (Control Card)
  • Type of application: Outdoor
  • Ball size available : 2" (BRP2) or 2" 5/16 (BRP2516)


  • Padlock
  • 2 keys
  • Control card (For key duplication)

Product number: BRP2516

* The purchase of several AMPLock padlocks in the same order could lead to a special order so that you have the same keys. The manufacturing times will be communicated to you within 48 hours of the order. thank you for your understanding

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