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Backpacker mosquito repellent device - Thermacell

Backpacker mosquito repellent device - Thermacell


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The Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repellent Device effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 4.5 meter protection zone. Using the same canisters of camping gas (not included) backpackers and campers already carry in their packs, the compact and lightweight Backpacker Mosquito Killer is an essential piece of gear. Also ideal for use in camping, fishing, gardening, hunting, backyard and much more. The heat produced by a camping fuel canister is directed to a small mat infused with Allethrin repellent, a synthetic version of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers. For best results, use on days with little or no wind (insects are the worst on those days) and allow 10-15 minutes to form a full protective zone around the device. Reliable performance at over 2,100 meters altitude. Tips for use include: do not attempt to use with filled canisters, allow fuel to flow for 5 seconds before clicking the piezoelectric igniter, and only compatible with valves designed to EN417 specification.


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