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Wash & Wax Waterless 1 Step 995ml Magic-Boss

Wash & Wax Waterless 1 Step 995ml Magic-Boss


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MAGIC-BOSS QUICK WAX, CLEAN & SCRATCH FREE WAX is a surface treatment for all types of vehicles. It cleans stubborn dirt like black streaks, gloss, seal and wax in one step. Easy to apply, it can be used on automobile and truck bodies as well as on the aluminum or fiberglass exterior walls of RVs. It provides a glossy finish, protects and prevents damage from the sun, acid rain and most contaminants. It reduces the accumulation of insects.

RECOMMENDATION: If the vehicle is covered with dirt, wash it with MAGIC-BOSS TM WASH & WAX and let dry for best results. This same product can be used for regular cleaning so as not to alter the wax already in place.

Product number: RV1900


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